Sayar Fausto LLP, located in downtown Los Altos, California, provides its clients with versatile attorneys offering civil, corporate/business, International, special needs/education, and real estate representation. It is our mission to provide effective strategic advice to our clients in a compassionate and professional manner.

Effective Teamwork: Our clients are our priority.

Strategy, deal focus, attention to detail, integrity, value and uncompromising commitment are the fundamental principles of our firm. Our open communication lines allow clients to respond to proposed strategies and unexpected challenges effectively, without jeopardizing interests. We challenge our clients by offering alternative solutions to their business and offering clear and concise analysis of available options.

Effective representation: Understanding our clients’ situation.

Effective representation is achieved through our understanding of our client’s personal goals or business needs. Our team work approach allows you to work closely with our skilled lawyers, collaborating at all stages of the legal process. We will help you make the right decision. More importantly we will apply our skill and expertise to achieve your goal.

Lawyering: The art of lawyering is complex and challenging.

Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to resolve your legal needs quickly and intelligently. Our diverse backgrounds and professional standards offer a unique experience when working with a small law firm. Our zealous advocacy has gained the support and respect of opposing counsel. Our firm is recognized by court clerks and judges as applying the highest legal standard when representing our clients, and our commitment is readily recognized by our colleagues. We are the new generation of lawyering. We meet our goal by meeting your expectations.


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